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750 ml Big Bottle Hitting Shelves Now


San Jose, CA (May 20, 2014) – On the anniversary of its 25th year in business, Gordon Biersch Brewing Company is bringing back its first success: Dunkles. Dan Gordon, co-founder and brewing expert for Gordon Biersch Brewing Company, originally introduced the unfiltered dark lager at the opening of the company’s first restaurant in Palo Alto CA. Dunkles was the only beer on tap on opening day. Now, the limited release Dunkles is appearing on retailer shelves in select markets with additional markets scheduled for announcement.

Gordon Biersch is brewing and bottling Dunkles in a 750 ml traditional swing top bottle at its state of the art brewing facility in San Jose, CA. The large-format bottle makes Dunkles ideal for keeping to yourself or sharing. Dunkles pours an opaque brown with a slight, unfiltered yeast haze and a creamy white head. The dark roasted Munich malt creates an elegant roasted malt body and balanced bitterness.

The Bavarian tradition of dark lagers (the English translation of Dunkles) goes back hundreds of years. The dark roasted Munich malt, constituting 75% of the grist bill, gives the beer a sweet, caramel undertone which is balanced with moderate hopping. The result is a clean, smooth and delicious craft brew.

Gordon states, “25 years never tasted so good. It’s hard to believe it’s been that long.

In California, Dunkles is available at select locations including Safeway, Costco, Lundardi’s, BevMo, Lucky’s, Raley’s/Nob Hill, among others. Additional markets and retail locations will be announced in coming weeks.

About Gordon Biersch Brewing Company

Dan Gordon and Dean Biersch co-founded Gordon Biersch Brewing Company in 1988 with the goal of producing the most authentic German-style lagers outside of Germany and opened a state-of-the-art brewing and bottling facility in San Jose, California to begin bottling and distributing its famed German-style lagers. Dan was the first American in 40 years to attain a brewing engineering degree from the prestigious Technical University of Munich, Weihenstephan. Today, Gordon Biersch Brewing Company is a brewery industry leader with 25 years of experience. Gordon Biersch Brewing Company has doubled its annual production, increasing the capacity to 4 million gallons of beer, and making Gordon Biersch Brewing Company the largest craft brewery in the San Francisco Bay Area. For more inflation, visit